Hand Sanitizer Foaming (One Gallon)


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                                  Maxim Gallon Hand Sanitizer Foaming (One Gallon)

Our hand sanitizer gel is an instant, soap-free, hand cleanser that requires no rinsing off. This product kills 99% of most common germs within seconds, and is non-sticky. Sanitizer dries quickly after use and ensures proper hygiene. Will leave hands clean. No strong alcohol smell.

  • Very convenient, portable, and accessible to be used at any time or any place. Can be used as protection against harmful germs, diseases, and viruses.
  • This mask can be used all year in any weather and will help keep you safe from viruses, fog, smog, dust, smells, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, allergens, and humidity.
  • Filters over 95% of airborne particles, fumes, and odors. Keep people healthy and safe when at work or in public by protecting your airways from pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier.
General Public, I.E. Essential Workers, Families, Individuals.
Due to high demand and scarcity of this product, sanitizer shape, color, or model may slightly differ to a nearly identical model
80% alcohol gel based sanitizer

* No Return Policy * - Please note that due necessary health and safety precautions, all PPE products including this hand sanitizer are final sale.
These items are non refundable and non returnable. Shipping & handling is non refundable. Any shipping delays are fully responsible by shipping courier.
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